PRO Group and HES Merge to Form ProSource




ProSource Elevates Power, Relevance of Independents

PRO Group and HES, the A/V Specialty divisions of BrandSource, are formally merged into one entity, ProSource, creating the largest specialty segment and CE merchandising group in the U.S.  ProSource represents 950 storefronts and approximately $4 billion dollars in revenue for CE products.


“The goal of ProSource is to bring members from both organizations together to create the best and most influential merchandising group in the industry for the independent retailer,” said David Workman, Executive Director and COO of PRO Group.  “ProSource members will have unparalleled support as we enter new categories, expand product lines and offer cutting-edge solutions and programs optimized for a retailer’s size and needs.”


ProSource members now benefit from the expanded voice that this entity represents.  PRO Group and HES will each continue to operate under the ProSource umbrella organization to maintain service levels to smaller or larger retailers which make up the combined organization


“This merger allows us to compete in compelling new ways by offering customers expert knowledge, the best vendors and the latest advances in CE solutions and technology,” said Jim Ristow, Executive Vice President of HES.


Volumes are combined to create greater opportunities for key vendor partners and members.  Combined, ProSource expands “best practice” idea sharing, business solutions, advertising and e-commerce initiatives to benefit all members.


“Key manufacturers have a tremendous opportunity to optimize their positions in our storefronts as our members offer customized recommendations and hands-on demonstrations to the consumer,” said Ristow.




ProSource: Jim Ristow, Executive VP Home Entertainment Source (HES) and Dave Workman, Executive Director/COO PRO Group









2010 CES PRO Group/HES Member/Industry Reception